Concerned about the La Liga 2017 fans may have long been found in almost every round after the end of the game, there will be discontent on the referee sound, but more sadly, these complaints are almost correct.

      "For my red card, I have to say it's ridiculous, it is doomed to happen, because it is the referee wanted, I am very angry, the second yellow card should not be out." Suarez said.

      "Obviously, that's why we have more chances in the Champions League than in La Liga and Sacramento," Simone said.

      In Barcelona and Atletico Madrid after the match, Suarez Camiseta and Simonyi, respectively, when the main referee Gil - Manzano expressed dissatisfaction, faint whistle of the highest state is undoubtedly: let the two sides feel persecuted.

     We have to admit that in the Primera Liga, the referee did make too many mistakes, and most of them are real human error, the level of its law enforcement has seriously affected the viewing of La Liga, which with La Liga that The best league in the world is disproportionate.

      Whether it is a strong team or a weak team, whether players, coaches or team officials, almost everyone is dissatisfied with the referee, every week someone could not help but stand up and complain about the referee.

        Sevilla Camiseta  goalkeeper Rico: "It seems some people do not want to become the top of the table in Seville."